“BARC is amazing. I emailed to schedule an appointment and a week later, all four of my cats were spayed and neutered. They saved me and my cats from kittens galore, so thank you so much!” – Lync A


“I have a Boxer – Pitbull mix named Allie that they spayed/neutered, rabies & distemper shots, microchip ….Excellent care & pain/ comfortable medicine for when she was at home post surgery…they did everything for a very significant discounted price compared to any other place I was able to find and have contact with. I will keep them on file for all my animal needs they offer at the clinic…I have and will keep recommending them for both Dog & Cat services offered. Very professional & my baby girl healed nicely without any issues. Hopefully more and more people take advantage of it and we get pet population under control for the good of pet owners & their pets” – Katherine F


“I’ve used Barc for all my cats. Their program is absolutely amazing and their staff is very friendly. I recommend them to everyone and will always bring my pets to BARC!” –Whitney D


“BARC is amazing!!! They have helped so many animals and so many families. Their numbers increase each year and they reach goals that most organizations can only dream of reaching. The women that run this program are completely dedicated to saving animals lives. It is truly admirable.” – Heather


“BARC is awesome! Lynne and Nancy do an awesome job with their program, and have saved so many animals from certain street life and over population. I love BARC!” – Rachel B


“I went through your program 2 years ago when I found out about you through a fellow animal lover. Im so ever thankful for your program and the fact that it exists. Spay/neuter is so very important…” – Melissa D


“ Love the fact that I was able to get cats fixed at a price i could afford.  I  tell others, all about them and that they help explain why we need to spay/neuter our animals.” – Mary H

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