Who Is BARC?

BARC is a non-profit all volunteer group dedicated to animal welfare. We obtained our (501C3) status in 2002. Our mission is to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats by promoting and providing spay/neuter surgeries for low-income family pets. BARC is the largest spay/neuter provider in the St. Louis area specifically targeting the low-income population. We have received several spay/neuter grants in the past which have helped to fund our relentless endeavor. Due to these generous grants and additional funding from our donors, BARC has been able to provide over 62,000 spay/neuters for pets of low-income families since October 2003.  Our program is open to anyone who can provide proof of financial need. We impose no residency restrictions with our spay/neuter efforts as we know animals need to be fixed no matter where they live.  No rescue groups or breeders are allowed please.) Be a friend to all animals and FIX YOUR PETS!


BARC Officer Lynne Hilderbrand – President

Advisory CouncilDianna Adorjan, Erin Runnels, Ann Hein


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