Additional Services Available

Carol House Quick Fix Clinic

BARC’s Spay/Neuter Services are provided at the Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic, 1218 South Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63104  (For an appointment for spay/neuter services, call 314.771.PETS (7387) and reference the BARC program for low-income persons.)

Vaccinations are not required but are available at low prices on surgery day or other clinic days.

Additional Services Price List

Rabies – $17

Canine Distemper – $17

Kennel Cough – $17

FeLV Vaccination – $17

Feline Distemper – $17

Operating Room

Microchip – $25

FIV/FeLeuk Test – $20

Heartworm Test – $20


Wellness Service Hours

PLEASE NOTE the link to register for a wellness reservation will only be available 24 hours prior to the wellness date. If you only see the option for a spay/neuter appointment either the reservations are full or the wellness clinic is more than 24 hours away.
DO NOT book a spay/neuter appointment for wellness services only. We have very limited availability for spay and neuter appointments.

Wellness Services | Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic (

Reservations are STRONGLY encouraged, we will attempt to work in all walk-in patients. Please keep in mind there is a chance that you will not be  able to be seen by our veterinarian and will be asked to come back another day. For your best chance to receive services as a walk-in patient arrive early.



One of our puppy patients after surgery.


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